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Some people import and relabel the brandies they love. Others create their own, unique blends. Those routes are all good with us, but we want to do more.

We’re taking things to the next level, distilling and blending our own brandies in the UK’s first legit brandy house.


Not all stills are made equal.

If you want to make the best brandy then you’ll need the best pot still: and the chanterais still’s the best of the best.

Do we have one? Course we do. In fact, we’ve got the only one in Britain.

We double distill our brandy, first for 12 hours and then for a further 14 hours. This gives us our Eau De Vie which is our raw spirit.


Our home in London now contains the knowledge, equipment and attitude needed to unlock the real potential of brandy.  

While we value and apply the knowledge of traditionalists, we don't think the best is behind us, we reckon it's yet to come.

That’s why we don’t limit our vision and that’s why we make our brandy without boundaries. 

Burnt Faith Brandy House


Our bar features innovative brandy cocktails inspired by the local area including our classic Aged Negroni, East London Mule and the Vestry Apple Sour. We also offer a selection of spirits, wines, beers and soft drinks. Check out our full menu here.

All reservations can be made using the widget at the bottom of this page. For private hire or bookings of over 6 people get in touch with us on or on 0208 137 9930. You can find us at 57 Sutherland Rd, London E17 6BH, the nearest station is Blackhorse Road.

Opening Times:

Thursday 6pm – 11pm

Friday 6pm – midnight

Saturday 3pm – midnight

*We are over 18’s only at all times. Please be aware that we only have space for a small amount of walk ins, so please book to avoid disappointment. Table bookings are for 90 minutes. We cannot accept any pets, however guide dogs are permitted.